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Jeanne Nielsen, Chair of Assessors
Eugene DePasquale, Assessor
Jill Massa, Assessor
Linda Amelio, Real Property Recorder 1
Karen Casserly, Assessment Assistant
Doris C. Giraldo, Senior Assessment Clerk
Alessandra Lattanzio, Assessment Clerk
Maxine Nathaniel, Assessment Assistant
Maureen Serva,
Assessment Assistant

To provide the most fair and accurate assessed values to our property owners. To maintain a professional atmosphere in the office and to foster relationships with property owners, other local officials, and professionals to aid in a joint shared database that is necessary for the valuation process.

The Assessor's Office is responsible for property tax assessments. This office prepares an anual assessment roll which eventually becomes the Town's tax collection roll. This annual process forms the basis for funding our local government. The assessment role is a compilation of current ownership records, NYS Real Property Tax Exemptions, Utility and Special Franchise Properties. The Assessor's Office also maintains accurate property data for each and every parcel on the assessment roll.

The Office of the Assessors maintains a distinct mapping function that conforms to the official Suffolk County Tax Map to identify every parcel in the Town. In addition, we are tasked with maintaining a current street address file in order to comply with the E-911 emergency dispatching system.